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OUR MISSION: To help African parents including parents .of Africa descent everywhere to raise children, aware and conscious of their identity and uniqueness, well rounded in the knowledge of their cultural heritage and globally compliant, capable of interpreting and defining their role and stake in everyday issues of contemporary life, at the highest level possible as global citizenship everyday issues of contemporary life, at the highest level possible as global citizens.


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Who we are

For over a decade, The POWER PARENTING COMPANY LLC is intentionally committed to empowering parents.. Read more

What we do

Our understanding is the idea that beyond the limits of biology, the understanding of who a parent.. Read more

Code of belief

We believe parenting is a sacred calling with a deep, thoughtful, reflective, philosophical, ideological… Read more

Power Parenting Offers

Get Certified

We certify everyone who completes our POWER PARENTING™ ACADEMY. Our ten years of research created a conclusion:

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Our Teenage Excellence Program

It is an interesting and challenging time to parent teenagers at any time in human history; demographic on the scene.

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Power Monthly

Every month, we host a FREE but STRICTLY BY REGISTRATION Webinar where our four visionaries and their

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The Next Parent Indaba

The future belongs to those who decide to see it, discerning enough to understand and interpret it, strategic

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The Power Parenting Clinic

We are very well aware parents and would-be parents join our POWER PARENTING™ CLINIC mainly for the personal meaning and help Learn more ->

International Partnership

We are consistently looking for winning partnerships and collaborations that can drive our programs, products and solutions in

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Power Parenting Company

Our goal is to build societies by building families.

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Get to know how to handle situations and always stay informed. At Power Parenting company, we always try to deliver nothing but the best

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Don’t get botherd by difficult disicions as we always have you in mind

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It is a typical session virtually. Our faculty will be available LIVE to speak on an agreed subject area for what is usually between 1-2hours; after which we entertain questions and answers for another 1-2hours maximum.

To host POWER PARENTING™ INTERACTION in your area, membership community, school or organization of any kind, feel free to complete the form here.

A POWER PARENTING™ officer will reach you within 24hours to take your interest to us host forward.

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