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Our understanding is the idea that beyond the limits of biology, the understanding of who a parent is; as well as the curriculum for child development at the home front and family engagements in its entirety, and how they are understood and applied by parents largely determines the progress the society makes or do not make. If the world as we know it is unhappy with what the society has become, it is because faulty and damaged minds from the home front go ahead to become the adults that control our families, schools and universities, run our corporations, govern our politics and lead our religious organizations. The future actually belongs to today’s child and today’s child will be a product of today’s family.

Thus, any efforts to develop society, which ignore the family unit, will do a lot of work and deploy a lot of energy, yet, achieve almost nothing. It is true that the crisis of a nation is a crisis of the family.  According to an African (Ghanaian) proverb, ‘the ruin of a nation begins in the homes of its people.’ It is our belief that the prosperity of a nation begins in the home. 

Our mission therefore is to relentlessly disseminate practical parenting education to empower parents with the intelligence and clarity, emotional fortitude and wisdom necessary to understand the issues, identify their options, and embrace the most meaningful as a matter of supreme urgency.

This is what we do. It is timeless and will never change.

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