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We certify everyone who completes our POWER PARENTING™ ACADEMY. Our ten years research created a conclusion: Like an arrow in the hand of a mighty shooter, so are children in the hand of their parents/guardians. Just as the shooter determines how far, fast and accurate the arrow goes in hitting its target, so also parents determine how far, fast and accurate their children will go in the journey of life, meaning and destiny. This therefore means that parents must be solid individuals to be able to ensure a better future for their wards. It means it is all in the parenting hand.

We believe very strongly that “There is no such thing as a stubborn, rebellious or foolish child, only ignorant parents.” Actually, Parenting is a Sacred Responsibility. And it is NOT a gift of Nature; it is a skill that must be learnt and harnessed to achieve credible results. We Can Help.

Our team of seasoned researchers have expended well over $500, 000 over a period of ten years studying parenting, parents and the children they love so dear. The results of this research are what has been developed into the POWER PARENTING™ Academy” .

The Academy is broken down into 18 Modules. It is an online platform and each module is interactive complete with a Work-Book. At the end of it, participants will earn a certificate, certifying each as a CERTIFIED POWER PARENT.

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