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International Partnership


We are consistently looking for winning partnerships and collaborations that can drive our programs, products and solutions in different environments across the globe.

It is as simple as that.

Do you consider yourself:

  • a big mind, independent and successful?
  • a knowledge enthusiast?
  • a passionate change agent?
  • a nation builder?

If these describes you, then POWER PARENTING™ may just be the brand association you need for your unique expression and next level on your journey of meaning and purpose.

Every licensed partner serves as country manager in their country of residence; and a partner can function in a country. The partners

  1. Receives all-encompassing training on how to represent The POWER PARENTING COMPANY LLC Company and provide our parenting solutions.
  2. Are certified as an ambassador to represent our programs, products and services.
  3. Benefits from new and updated content, allowing them provide both fresh and timeless solutions to clients.
  4. Is supported with sales consultation and marketing materials to grow the business.

And much more.

Can you meet the challenge? Kindly complete a form here

Disclaimer: Completing this form does not guarantee a partnership relationship with The Power Parenting Company LLC. It, however, acknowledges your interest

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